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Types of RV Parks

The most common types of RV Parks are:

1. Public Parks – These parks are owned by the Federal, State or County Government, and are open to anyone who wants to camp there for a few days or more. In contrast to commercial parks, public RV parks charge no entrance fee. They may have areas set aside for those who wish to stay longer term. Sometimes they will ask an annual fee for using the park and facilities, but this is extremely rare and is usually waived for visitors.

2. Commercial Parks – These parks are owned and operated by businesses that specialize in RV camping. They provide hookups and water and sometimes other services such as laundry and showers. Some charge a daily or weekly rate, others charge a monthly rate which includes utilities such as water and electrical hookups. Some require you pay the monthly rate whether you stay there one night or the entire month. Other commercial RV parks offer free camping with little or no hookups.

3. Municipal Parks – Municipal parks are owned by cities or towns for use by their residents, and also for visitors who wish to camp there for a few days or more. Like public parks, they do not charge an entrance fee; they may have areas set aside for those who wish to stay longer term; they

The most common types of RV parks are public, private and resort RV parks. There are also some specialty campsites that cater to specific groups.

Public RV Parks – These parks are run by local or state authorities. These parks typically have no admission fee but may charge for parking in their lots. Because these parks are maintained by the government, they typically have less amenities than privately owned parks.

Nowadays public parks can include some very unique amenities…For example, different types of club house amenities, showers, WIFI, security, large RV sites, cabin rentals, fenced dog parks, propane refill stations…and much more…It is best to use Google to find the are you are looking for by searching “RV parks (city and state) – then you can even check their Google reviews online and see what people think of the RV Park.