118 Texas Rd, Big Spring, TX 79720

Moss Creek Lake

Moss Creek Lake is a lake in Big Spring, Texas. It is also relatively close to San Angelo. Moss Creek Lake is a reservoir impounded by the damming of Moss Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River. The lake has been classified as a “small recreational lake” by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Moss Creek Lake is 51.19 miles long, in West Texas. The nearby town of Big Spring started as an Indian village, and is the site of the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Texas. Big Spring is home to the Big Spring Army Depot, a U.S. Army facility that is a major supplier for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Air Force. The U.S. Army established Fort Concho in 1865 at Big Spring. Fort Concho, originally named Camp Concho, was named in honor of Spanish explorer and soldier Juan Bautista de Anza. The fort was decommissioned in 1904.

You don’t need a telescope to see the moon. On a clear evening, the moon looks exactly the same from Moss Creek Lake in Big Spring, Texas, as it does from the far side of the solar system. All the moon has to do is reflect sunlight. The moon is big, so it has a lot of surface area. The moon is cold, so it reflects less heat than the earth. The moon is made of stuff that looks like a mirror, so it shines as brightly as the sun. In fact, you can see the moon as clearly from Moss Creek Lake as you can from the far side of the solar system. But with the naked eye, the moon looks very far away. (To get an idea of how far away the moon is, imagine the moon as a beach ball about eight inches in diameter, lying on the dining room table.)

The lake was, and still is, a muddy mess. (In February.) It was in 1992 that I first saw it, and sure enough, that was the day it rained. Although the lake wasn’t very pretty, it had been a tourist attraction for years. (It was even mentioned in a travel guide.)
The Moss Creek Lake property was owned by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It was being leased to a number of companies, and Moss Creek Lake was under the management of one of them. That company’s name was Moss Creek Lake, Inc., a subsidiary of a New York company. Moss Creek Lake was owned by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They owned it. But they wanted to raise money by selling it. For that purpose, they made a contract with Moss Creek Lake, Inc., which promised it would manage the property.
The lease contract was a rental contract. It said that Moss Creek Lake, Inc., would rent the property to whoever wanted to rent it. The contract gave Moss Creek Lake, Inc., the right to control the terms of the lease. Moss Creek Lake owed its land to the State of Texas. But the State Parks Department had a contract with Moss Creek Lake, Inc., which meant that Moss Creek Lake, Inc., owned Moss Creek Lake. The lease contract was confused. Moss Creek Lake, Inc., owned the land. But Texas Parks and Wildlife owned the lake. So the land and the lake were in some sense owned by the same company.

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