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Full Hookup RV Campsite

Full hookup RV Campsites are for RV owners who want to use their own RV to camp at a campground. The owner is allowed to hook up an electrical cord that is 30 or 50 feet long into the campgrounds power source, which will give their RV access to electricity and water.

RV owners can rent this type of campsite at any campground that has them. Some campgrounds may limit the amount of time an owner can stay at one of these sites. The price charged for one of these campsite is usually more than for non-hookup sites, but not as much as if the camper were renting the whole rig.

The full hookup sites are usually located in a different area than the tall ones with sewer connections that you see on many campgrounds. You’ll find them near the entrance or near the office building of any campground. The reason for this is that they’re harder to maintain and keep safe, so they’re kept separate from most other sites where people are staying with RVs, trailers, tents or pop-up campers which don’t have their own water or electricity source.

If you’re new to RVing and camping, you might be wondering what a full hookup RV site is. A full hookup RV site is a campsite that includes electricity, water, and sewer hookups for your recreational vehicle (RV). It’s like having your own private apartment!

What does it mean to have electricity at the campsite? The electricity is normally available inside one or more of the campsite’s utility boxes. A utility box contains an electrical outlet and a water faucet. You can plug in your RV and run any of your appliances: power converter, air conditioner (if the campsite has 110-volt service), and even your microwave. Some utility boxes also include a water hookup. If the utility box doesn’t have a water hookup ,you can use a hose to get water from the campsite’s central water spigot.