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Elite Cabins & RV Park: Your Home Away From Home

Whether you’re on the road for vacation or in Big Spring for a work-focused extended stay, you deserve to be comfortable and to enjoy your time no matter the reason for your visit. We at Elite Cabins and RV Park want to provide you with all that you need to feel like you are coming back to your home away from home whenever you stay with us. For this reason, we offer five-star RV sites with all the amenities to work and play as hard or as little as you want. Contact us with any of your questions and book your extended stay with us today!

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We Provide the Amenities You Deserve

Clean, Safe, and Secure

Dos and Don’ts of Our RV Community

Propane Services

Things To Do in Big Spring

Places to Eat in Big Spring

We Provide the Amenities Deserve

To enjoy your stay anywhere, there are certain amenities that you need and others that you wish for. We at Elite Cabins and RV Park do our best to provide you with both. When you stay with us, you not only get a large, pull-through site measuring at 70 feet long and 30 feet wide, but you also get access to our clubhouse which includes a fitness center, pool tables, laundromat, and propane services.

Clean, Safe, and Secure

When you’ve been traveling and decide to park in Big Spring, you need to feel safe and that your property will be respected. With 24/7 monitoring, we hope to alleviate any worry that you might have during your extended stay, and if an issue arises, rest assured we are readily available to help. We encourage all of our guests to respect their neighbors in the park and do our best to foster a community that takes the phrase “treat your neighbor as yourself” seriously. If you have any questions about our RV park, feel free to contact us!

Dos and Don'ts of Our RV Community

Even though our large, comfortable sites allow you to have plenty of space, it is still important to think about the comfort level of your neighbor as well. During your stay, think about how you and your neighbor can enjoy your time here in Big Spring. 

Propane Services

Elite Cabins and RV Park offers onsite propane services for our guests and the Big Spring community, so when you need to fill up, you can simply come over to our tank refill station. Our propane service center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the week and by appointment on the weekend. We always do our best to fill your tank quickly and safely.  

Propane Safety Tips
Propane is a convenient and the ideal energy source for RV’s because it is portable and has a long-shelf life. However, even though it is incredibly safe to use, you still need to respect the possible dangers that it can pose if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Always:
Inspect your propane system for rust, corrosion, and make sure that it is secured safely to your vehicle.
Inspect your appliances that use propane. Check the supply lines and other elements to make sure they are in working order.
Install carbon monoxide, propane, and smoke detectors in your RV and invest in a Class BC fire extinguisher.
Clean you’re propane vents regularly, clearing them of any debris.
If You Smell Gas . . . 
If you think you smell propane, you should investigate the cause immediately. Hopefully, there isn’t anything to worry about, but it is always best to be safe than sorry. If you smell gas:
Put out all flames
Turn off propane
Ventilate the area
Leave the area
Call 911 and let us know about the situation immediately so we can make sure all of our guests are safe

Things To Do in Big Spring

With all of the formalities out of the way, let us take a moment to tell you how excited we are that you are considering staying with us and visiting Big Spring. Our town is a quiet place that offers great eats and hospitality, as well as museums, golfing, and outdoor activities for the whole family. If you can’t go out, you can always rest assured that you can catch your favorite show via our extended cable and high-speed internet, or enjoy some pool at our clubhouse.


Comanche Trail & Park

Big Spring State Park

Moss Creek Lake

Big Spring Country Club Golf Course

Hangar 25 Air Museum

Heritage Museum

Learn more about local attractions in Big Spring and be sure to enjoy all that this beautiful place has to offer.

Places to Eat in Big Spring

Part of the fun of traveling anywhere is getting to eat at new delicious restaurants and maybe even try something new. In Big Spring we have all kinds of tasty eats and treats at various price points so you can enjoy a fancy night out as well as the “lowbrow” comfort food that we all crave. When you come stay at our RV park you should check out our local fare:


Settles Grill

Joes Italian Bistro

Texas Cajun Cafe

Spanish Inn Restaurant

Wild West Wingz

Lumbre Bar & Grill

Cowboys Steak House & Restaurant

Dell’s Cafe

Wagon Wheel Drive in

Dragon China Buffet

Gill’s Gold-n-Crisp Fried

Find out more about what Big Spring has to offer and be sure to come with a empty stomach ready to enjoy the best in Texan hospitality.