118 Texas Rd, Big Spring, TX 79720

Comanche Trail Park

A hundred years ago, this was a Comanche town. The Comanches came from the north, from what is now Kansas, and settled in this valley. A few years later, the U.S. Army drove them out. The park is on the site where the town was. The Comanches were a peaceful people who traded with their enemies. They had pottery and weapons, but no horses or guns. The Comanches were driven out, but they came back, and again in 1890. This time, the U.S. Army killed them all. The park is on the old Comanche Trail. The Comanches used the road as a shortcut when they went hunting. They traveled north in the spring and south in the winter. The park is on a hill. You can see for miles. The valley is flat, and the hills rise sharply. Just above the town, the ground slopes down, and you can see the plains. The park is on a bend in the river. There’s a big bend in the river. The river curves around, and you can’t see the town from the park. Driving to Big Spring, you see the plains and the hills, and the river. When you park, you don’t leave the car. You walk to the river, and look at the bend, and the town. The park is full of wildflowers. The park smells of horses. The park is full of swallows, and when it rains there are dragonflies. The park is full of children. They are loud, and sometimes they throw rocks at the birds. They are happy, and they don’t care if their parents don’t like it.

Comanche Trail Park is a large park in Big Spring, Texas. It opened in 2009, and is an addition to the Big Spring State Park. The park is 1,100 acres, including 1.2 miles of frontage on Interstate 20. The park is broken up into several areas. The Comanche Trail Golf Course is a 9-hole golf course. The Comanche Trail Nature Trail is a 2-mile nature trail. The trail has 6 stations where visitors can see nature. The park also has a 10,000 square foot covered pavilion, which can hold 1,400 people. The park also has several playgrounds. The park’s motto is “Your connection to nature.” The park has several mountain bike trails, including the 1.4 mile Comanche Trail Mountain Bike Trail. The trail is paved and is moderately difficult. The park also has a disc golf course. There is a large lake, Comanche Lake, as well as smaller lakes. Comanche Trail Park is located at 4010 Comanche Trail Road, Big Spring, TX 79720. Comanche Trail Park is owned and managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

A close friend of mine grew up in Big Spring, TX, a small town on the Comanche Trail that skirts the Permian Basin. When he was a child, Comanche Trail Park was a pleasant little patch of lawn, with swings, a merry-go-round, and a picnic pavilion. Now it’s a place so desolate and deserted that it seems less like a park than a cemetery. The strange thing is that the park attracts a fair amount of visitors. On a sunny weekend afternoon, every bench is filled, and people sit and sprawl on the grass. Some play chess; others socialize and gossip. Some people even come to the park to exercise.